Ribbon Cutting, Stringing & Tagging

Additional Services

We can offer a selection of additional services.


 Cut from just a few centimetres up to a metre or more.

  straight cut or angle "mitre" cut -


We use a "hot" cut method which both cuts & seals the ribbon to prevent fraying.



Often customers are able to produce their own swing ticket or tag, but do not have the ability or resource to add a string or ribbon to it.

We can help ! 

 We are able process orders from 500 - up to orders of 100000 or more !

UPDATE - we have recently completed an order destined for a major drinks manufacturer.

Supplying the stretch cord, we threaded & tied it to over 150,000 neck collar tickets !



Treasury Tags, Bag Handle, Elastic Loops & Fixings...

Treasury Tags-allow insertion but will not pull back out

Handle fitments for use in carrier & gift bags

We can supply a wide range of products & solutions  - too many to list here!

Please ring for more details


Bow Making

All styles of bow available-

Single or Double Bow

Bow & Strap

Sticky pads or film for easy fixing